We are thrilled to introduce you to our newest team member, Dr. Armin Yarand, who has taken on the role of Lead GP Veterinarian and Hospital Superintendent. Armin brings with him a wealth of experience, passion, and dedication to the field of veterinary medicine and he has an impressive background – 3 veterinary degrees! Armin started his career in Iran, then transferred his qualifications to Italy and studied at the University of Milan. Later, he moved to Australia and got his Australian veterinary degree from University of Melbourne in 2013, following this Armin worked in Emergency and Critical Care for many years before transitioning into primary care.

Armin has a deep love for animals and a strong commitment to delivering compassionate care. He understands the unique bond you share with your pets and will work tirelessly to ensure their health and happiness. As our Lead GP Veterinarian, Armin will be overseeing and coordinating the general practice at our hospital, ensuring that every aspect of your pet’s care is of the highest standard. He will also be available for consultations and appointments to address any concerns you may have about your furry family members.

In his spare time Armin enjoys going to the gym, walking his dog Enzo and spending time with his family.