Surgery and Your Pet

When it comes to a big event like surgery, it is important to know your pets are in good hands. Should the need arise, North Shore Vet Hospital aims to ensure your pet has a safe, comfortable, and successful surgery. With experienced staff, top class surgical theatres and equipment, the Vets at North Shore are capable of performing a wide range of procedures providing your pet the best chance of a smooth recovery. For smaller procedures you pet may be able to head home later that day. If your pet is having a larger or more involved procedure and needs to stay overnight, our hospital is staffed 24 hours, meaning vets and nurses will be monitoring your pet throughout the night to ensure they recover as expected.

For more advanced surgeries, we have access to a team of veterinary specialists at our Artarmon hospital, allowing for quick and easy referral if your pet should require. For more information about surgery and other specialist vet care visit: