New Puppy or Kitten

It’s an exciting time introducing a new pet to your family. Also much to do. Don’t worry as the team at North Shore Vet Hospital can guide you through the first few months from vaccinations to training tips. Our vets are always available for help and advice so please don’t hesitate to call us.

Puppy Preschool

Our onsite puppy school teaches you and your new puppy how to behave around the house, dogs and people.With classes at the hospital, we will teach you about socialisation, toilet training, handling for trips to the vet, basic obedience, exercise and play requirements. With how quickly puppies develop, and form habits, we recommend early training as essential.

Vaccination and Diseases

Ensure your new pet is protected against diseases such as Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis and Parvo Virus (DHLP). Our vets can discuss the best options with you based on your pet and lifestyle to ensure a healthy and happy home. Also vaccinations become part of a schedule for general health checks and preventative health care services.


As well as being compulsory, microchips give your pets the best chance of being identified and returned to you should they become lost or stolen. Many pets can be microchipped and we recommend this for cats, dogs and rabbits. A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice, and injected so it will always be there. Lost pets are typically scanned by rescue kennels helping your pet get home safely should they get lost.

Dietary Advice

A well balanced diet is a key to healthy growth in puppies, kittens and the ongoing health of your pet. Our vets will guide you to the right balance of nutrition and calories needed though a pets life. In particular older pets will benefit from formulated diets to meet their changing requirements.

Animal Dentistry

Veterinary dentists use many of the same techniques and equipment as human dentists do. We carry out procedures including cleaning, polishing and extractions of infected or broken teeth. The best dental care is a good routine at home, including brushing and the right food. This combined with an occasional check ensure a healthy mouth for your dearest. Should more serious treatment be required, our vets have the latest in pet dental equipment to ensure the best treatment.

Surgery and Veterinary Specialists

When it comes to a big event like surgery, North Shore has a specialist centre to ensure you have access to the best facilities and experienced staff. We understand this can also be a stressful time for owners, and we can assure you we are Sydney’s premier animal specialist centre, even having an in house pathology unit for fast results and treatment.Our priority is to ensure your pet gets the best outcome possible. You can read more at our specialist site:


As your pet gets older we offer rehabilitation and chronic pain management. We look to promote healing, return to normal function, and full recovery where possible. Long term chronic conditions can also be relieved increasing a pet’s quality of life. There are many ways we can achieve this. If your pet is suffering, book an appointment and we can help your friend get some bounce back.


Choosing the right kennel or cattery is important. North Shore Vet Hospital know your pets and how much they mean to you. For this we have an outstanding facility where your cats and dogs have a home away from home, get great food and regular exercise. Our experienced staff ensure your pets get the best care at all times.

Ultrasound and MRI

Our specialist brings a level of skill gained through years of study and experience. Our veterinary hospital has the latest equipment allowing hospital staff to visualise the deep structures of the body abdominal organs and the heart. This lets staff see how your pet’s body is functioning in a non-invasive way, for earlier diagnosis and faster treatment. We also have access to an MRI should this be required.

Computer Tomography And X-rays

Our clinic offers the types equipment you’d see in any modern human hospital, such as CT scanners and X-ray machines. Having this equipment onsite and experienced radiographers means our vets can make accurate diagnosis more quickly, for better treatment and experience for your pet.

In House and on Site

We are a full-service veterinary hospital and keep it tooled up with state of the art equipment and services to deliver the best care for our patients. And by having onsite services such as pathology, CT, X-ray, surgical staff and specialised medical teams we can give your pets first class treatment and you don’t need to move between clinics when time is of the essence.

Surgical Specialists

Our Vet staff include surgical and medical specialists working from our Crows Nest practice. This gives your pet direct access to the best care without having to travel to multiple centres.


Cancer can be devastating to pets and their owners. Should your pet be diagnosed with cancer, a fast quality level of compassionate care is important. Our vets are experienced in treating many forms of cancer in dogs, cats and other animals. And modern treatments are constantly improving a patient’s chances of recovery. At North Shore Vet Hospital, we promise to do all in our powers to cure or extend the quality of your pet’s life.

House call

We offer house calls when this is more suitable for your pet. Our vets will carry out a relaxed and in-depth examination, in the comfort of your home. We can do a range of checks treatments while mobile. For more serious matters we recommend to bring your pet to the hospital where we have access to all equipment and treatments.

Ambulance service

North Shore veterinary staff can transport pets in a specified vehicle to give your pet the best on-road care.  Should you need this service call us to arrange a pick-up or drop-off.

Exotic Pets

If your pets are reptiles, birds, small mammals or fish you can get exotic pet treatments at North Shore Vet Hospital. With more exotic animals we often find veterinary treatment is sought late, so we recommend periodic health checks to understand if the animal is looking and behaving normally, and if there are any indicators of illness.