During your pets diagnostic process your vet may recommend to have them receive and x-ray or scan. This is a great way to aid better diagnosis and is much better than doing exploratory surgery if a health issue can be confirmed non-invasively.

Located at Artarmon, our hospital is proud to have one of Australia’s leading imaging departments, top of class equipment, and the veterinary experts to give your pets quality care and outcomes. Having the equipment on site allows for quicker turnaround times and less travel for you. In urgent cases this can help treatment and outcomes. We are also used by GP clinics all across Sydney to help local vets better teat your pets.

Here Are Some Of Our Scan & Imaging Options




CT scanning

If you are looking to get a scan for your pet please see your local GP Vet for a referral or contact our clinic on (02) 9436 1213. If you are a Vet you can use our online referral form at our Specialist & Emergency website.