As of 28/9/20

The following COVID protocols will be operating in the Veterinary hospital. These are in place to comply with the government guidelines and with the ultimate aim of keeping you safe, keeping our staff safe, and maintaining veterinary care within our community.

  • One client wearing a mask will be allowed into the consulting room and waiting room of the Veterinary Hospital (Mask can be purchased for $2 if you do not have one)
  • Upon arrival at the Veterinary, hospital wait in your call and contact our reception on 9436 1213.
  • Our clinical team will contact you via your mobile when our clinical team is ready to see you. Please make your way to the Foyer immediately, wearing a face mask, and with only one person. You will be greeted and taken through for your appointment
  • A consultation will be conducted.
  • If you have an emergency, please ring ahead and head immediately to the Foyer upon arriving, where your pet will be assessed.

Please note:

Our exotic animal team, SERV, has elected to maintain contactless consultation for the time being.

Individual clinical staff may elect to perform a contactless consultation.

If you would prefer not to be in the consulting room with the Veterinary team, please let the staff know.

If you have any general concerns, then please contact

Thank you again for your understanding

Dr. Peter Chitty

CEO North Shore Veterinary Hospitals.