Our mobile vet offers house calls when required. Having our vet make a house call means that your pet can be examined in an environment that is more comfortable and relaxed for your pet. The mobile vet can carry out a variety of consulations, treatments as well as euthanasia if required. If possible, more serious treatments should be done at the clinic or hospital where there is access to advanced equipment and additional vet staff if needed. There is a pet ambulance available for when you are unable to transport your pet to the vet yourself.

Using the services of our mobile vet means that the vet can focus completely on your pet’s wellbeing and needs in an environment that is comfortable for the animal. Trips to the clinic can be very stressful for some pets, which is why a mobile vet makes sense to many pet owners. The mobile vet is able to treat a variety of different animals. A quotation is given up front for the mobile service so that you have a clear idea of the cost.

Why should you use a mobile vet service?

A mobile vet is convenient as you don’t have to travel to the clinic or take time off from work to take your pet to the vet. While many clinics are open until late, people that work fulltime also find it difficult to get to the clinic before it closes after they finish work. Another alternative is to take your pet in to the vet on a weekend, but not everyone wants to do that and sometimes the situation requires more immediate vet care. The mobile vet is able to come to your home and treat your pet at your convenience. This saves you a lot of time and hassle and your pet can get the care it requires with a minimum of fuss.

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