Being away from home is a great worry for pet owners. How can you be sure that your cattery is providing the best environment for your cat? Will she get enough exercise and the right diet? Cats that are left alone at home may decide to “move house” when their pet parents are away. Now you can entrust your cat to animal health professionals that will ensure all its needs are met while you’re away.


  • Daily exercise and playtime with staff. And all-day access to the play gym.
  • A climate-controlled environment, so cats are comfortable no matter the weather.
  • Premium cat food. If your cat is fussy or has diet requirements we can feed food provided by you at no extra charge.
  • We have Feliway (a relaxing pheromone diffusor) within the cattery to keep all our furry friends happy and relaxed!
  • We are open 7 days a week for drop off and pick-ups.
  • Veterinary Staff are on site 24/7 so you know your cat has the best care at all times
  • Cats on medication or other treatments are well catered for.
  • You are welcome to visit our facilities. Contact us at (02) 9436 1213 to arrange this.
  • All cat receives plenty of love and cuddles!

How much does it cost?
Our rate is $45 per night per cat

Does my cat need anything before boarding?
All cats must be up-to-date with their vaccinations, worming and flea treatment. If needed these can be arranged through the clinic by calling (02) 9436 1213 . If your cats vaccination was administered elsewhere we will require a vaccination certificate.

Do dogs have access to the boarding?
No, the cat boarding is completely separate to the hospital and dogs are not able to access it.

Do you provide food?
Yes, we provide all meals and generally use Hills. We also have plenty of tasty treats such as tuna or tinned food for our fussy visitors.

Can I see the facilities before booking?
Yes, we welcome visits please call the clinic to arrange one on (02) 9436 1213

PLEASE NOTE THAT We are unable to board kittens who have not completed a primary vaccination course or undesexed cats over five (5) months of age.

For the detail orientated here are our full Terms and Conditions.